Choosing the right lighting for your home or business

  • 29 September 2012
  • Home Energy Centre
Glenn Roberts Electrical are excited to be a part of the Home Energy Centre as the Lighting Specialist.

If you are thinking of building, renovating or landscaping, be sure to get us on board as early as possible as we can help in the important decision making process when it comes to choosing the right lighting and power for your design and requirements.

Installation guidelines around recessed downlights being installed in residential properties have changed and it is now mandatory that all new downlights must meet stringent test results to avoid unsafe situations. This is a safety requirement that is essential to protect your family, house and contents against fire hazards.

Glenn Roberts Electrical can provide all the latest information and products to comply with new regulations.Some of the newer LED fittings can have insulation completely covering them, which can improve the insulation properties of your home.

Using energy efficient lighting will also reduce your power bill. So if you are renovating, insulating or making any changes to your home, contact us for professional advice on what you can install.

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