Cold feet - keep warm this winter

  • 11 May 2011
  • Home Energy Centre

Known for their range of stylish wall mounted heaters,
EMH Ltd have just released their latest offering - the EMH Kosy Toes footrest.

The EMH Kosy Toes footrest combines all the ergonomic advantages of a footrest, with the benefits of radiant heat, widely regarded as a healthy heating option.

Ergonomic studies suggest that an incorrect posture absorbs up to 40% of the human performance for desk work.

The footrest prevents unnecessary loss of performance due to a straining work position, because it allows a comfortable and relaxed posture.

Similarly, it is well known that comfortable working conditions help contribute to greater workplace productivity.

Cold feet can be a major source of discomfort in many work environments as a result of concrete or poorly insulated floors. Now with the EMH Kosy Toes footrest, the discomfort of cold feet can be quickly alleviated.

By radiating warmth at body temperature, the EMH Kosy Toes footrest helps protect against colds and flu, as well as promoting a healthy sitting posture and assisting in the prevention of maintenance-related musculoskeletal disorders.

The EMH Kosy Toes footrest is electronically controlled allowing the footrest to be set at a desired temperature and is fully adjustable to ensure legs are always well supported.

Combine the advantages of heat with the beneficial features of a footrest and the result is increased comfort and productivity for any working environment where workers are seated including assembly workers, office workers, cashiers or laboratory situations.

For more information contact Reinhard Gebhard at E.M.H. Ltd, or phone 0508 627253

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