Double-Glazing is only half the story

  • 19 January 2012
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Make it twice as good with AllSeasons™ thermal break joinery. NALCO announces the release of its new residential AllSeasons™ thermally broken window and door suite. Product development has been underway on this new product for over 18 months.

Aptly named AllSeasons™ because of the thermal benefits to occupants in hot and cold climates by reducing the impact of climatic factors on internal comfort levels.

“The Buildnz pre-release of the Sliding doors, Awning windows and Hinged doors provided tremendous feedback on our product frame designs”, said Farrokh Wadia, NALCO’s Product Development Manager. “We were greatly encouraged by the Architects and Builders response to our designs. It looks great and performs brilliantly”.
“Many Architects had questions on thermal performance and structural capability. The higher the retained shear, the better the ability to withstand deflection without failure. With this structural capability advantage over other systems, the pour and debridge system can achieve 2.7m high sliding doors”.

“Modelled thermal performance reports for this new suite are also outstanding” said Farrokh. “We have had our window system modelled which indicates AllSeasons™ can attain an R window value of 0.54 (with clear DGUs low E, Argon ). This is double what standard aluminium joinery provides by way of thermal performance.

Take a look at the AllSeasons Nulook brochure here.

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