Find out how you are using energy at home

  • 1 October 2010
  • Home Energy Centre

Discover how much power you are using and what you can do to reduce your power bill.

Conduct a simple home power audit

To minimise your energy use, start by finding out how much power you are using. Here is a simple three-step guide to measuring your energy use:

  1. Locate your electricity/gas meter/s and note down all the readings. (If you cannot find your meter, then call your energy supplier).
  2. A week later, at about the same time of day, take another reading.
  3. Deduct the first reading from the second reading.

Now you have a baseline figure of energy use and can start to monitor how much energy is saved from various energy saving actions you make around the home.

Alternatively you could purchase a power monitor to make power auditing and tracking easy.

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