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  • 29 May 2010
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We’ve all been stuck behind a vehicle that belches out black, stinky smoke. These tailpipe outpourings are not just unpleasant and smelly – they are also dangerous. Vehicle emissions are bad for our health, and for the environment.

Vehicle emissions include particulates, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone and benzene. Research suggests that the carbon monoxide and particulates are especially damaging to peoples’ health.

About 40% of our carbon dioxide emissions come from road transport. This is equivalent to around 20% of our total national greenhouse gas emissions. The New Zealand Climate Change Solutions website has more information about the science of, and New Zealand’s solution to climate change.

You can reduce your car’s emissions and save fuel by driving efficiently and keeping your vehicle well-maintained. If you buying a second hand car or an older model, look for one with a catalytic converter, and visit the Rightcar website to find out which cars will produce less pollution in your neighbourhood.

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