Homestar in Nelson launched

  • 11 November 2011
  • Home Energy Centre

Homestar in Nelson was officially launched at the Environment Centre on October 26th. Attended by people from across the housing industries, the launch signaled the start of the initiative in Nelson.

Homestar is the new industry standard for rating a home’s performance developed by the Green Building Council and industry leaders. An energy and environmental rating system, assessments are benchmarked against a set of criteria including energy and passive solar design, renewable energy production, water conservation, embedded energy, waste minimisation and more.

Aaryn Barlow, a trained industry professional, is an accredited Homestar Practitioner and Assessor and is delivering the service through the Nelson Environment Centre.

As a Practitioner, Aaryn is able to work with architects and designers to refine house designs and target specific ratings. This doesn’t just include the actual design or thermal performance but also the construction process, materials and other infrastructure.

A Homestar Practitioner can therefore work at the planning stage to target a specific rating level which can be verified once the house is built.

As a Homestar Assessor, Aaryn can rate existing homes with the Homestar tool to achieve a rating on the 0-10 rating system. Homes that perform well will have an advantage on the market as they will be able to verify their performance. A Homestar assessment is also a useful tool for home buyers who may be serious about purchasing a home and want to know its overall performance and likely running costs so they can make an informed decision. It could make the difference between buying one home over another.

Aaryn completed the first Homestar assessments in Nelson and is available to rate existing homes or work with architects and designers at the planning stage.

For more information call Aaryn on 545 9176 or visit

Homestar in Nelson is proudly supported by
Richmond Glass, Home Energy Centre and Nelson EDA.

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