How to prevent and deal with Mildew

  • 8 July 2008
  • Home Energy Centre

How to prevent Mildew
Keep the house warm, not too hot, but try to keep the indoor temerature at least 5 degrees warmer than outside all the time.  A little heating kept on continuously does more good than a lot of heating during the evening only.
Use windows as a guide.  If they start collecting too much condensate open them a little wider.

How to deal with Mildrew
If mildrew grows on wallpaper, clean down with a damp cloth and household bleach solution (1 part bleach and 5 parts water). Try a small area to make sure that the bleach does not take the colour o the wallpaper.  If the colour is affected try a fungicide solution available from a paint shop.
Gloss-painted surfaces can be wiped down with bleach (1.5 as for wallpaper).  Matt painted surfaces can be wiped with a fungicide solution to avoid taking out the colour.

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