Is your home heating going out the window

  • 14 June 2011
  • Home Energy Centre

With winter upon us and the cooler days and nights making us reach for the winter woolies, we soon realise the cost associated with having to heat our homes when the power bill arrives, not to mention how quickly the comfort levels drop when the sun sets. To help offset the ever increasing costs of energy, think of where the heat is escaping. One of the major concerns is the glass in your windows, up to 50% of your homes heat can be lost through these areas, to reduce this loss, double glazing has been introduced as a way of increasing the thermal efficiency of new homes.

With a lot of older homes, original double glazing was a simple single seal design with air as an insulator, which cut the heat escaping by 50% over single glazing, with today’s modern manufacturing techniques and benefits with technology, double glazed units produced today are superior in performance and longevity, with better performance options available, whether it be a better thermal performance for retaining warmth, decreasing sun glare, heat buildup or noise.

If you currently have single glazing, a simple solution would be to retrofit double glazing to your existing joinery or if you have older double glazing and would like more benefits, you could replace these with new more thermally efficient Planitherm and Argon filled double glazed units, with an option for tints if required.

The Planitherm and Argon filled double glazed units by Tasman Glass perform twice as good as a standard double glazed unit, so even if you have double glazing, you will get a performance gain and a more comfortable house.

For a obligation free measure and quote, contact Tasman Glass today and enquire how we can help reduce energy costs and improve the comfort levels in your home, also check out the Planitherm web site for more information.

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