New High Performance Double Glazing

  • 13 May 2011
  • Home Energy Centre

New High Performance SGG Cool-Lite Double Glazing By Tasman Glass

To compliment our successful Planitherm low-E double glazing product, Tasman Glass are now introducing a new higher performance glass for double glazing into the new Zealand market called Cool-Lite SKN 174.

With the introduction of Cool-Lite, designed for applications where heat reduction is required, but natural light is desired.

This is especially important where cooling or lighting costs are involved, normally found in commercial applications or the more expansive homes where the use of large windows are generally specified.

The major benefits over other glass products are the increased thermal performance in winter, with an insulation rating of approximately two and a half times better than a standard double glazed unit and the ability to filter light to reduce uncomfortable glare from the direct sunlight, whilst still allowing in plenty of natural light.

For more information on the Cool-Lite product, please contact Tasman Glass or view the Saint Gobain web site. This product will only be available from selected glass companies and window manufacturers.

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