Paint colour trends for 2011/12

  • 29 October 2010
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Colours for 2011/12 showcased in the new The Range 2011/12 from Resene are generally cleaner and less complicated, giving an overall feeling of comfort.

The palette is tending towards more feminine hues as females are increasingly making more decisions for households. There are touches of uber bright reds, oranges, yellows and violets, such as Resene Switched On and Resene Outrageous, to draw in the eye like a flower.

This handful of brights from across all colours provides a handy accessible palette of optimistic accents.

Nature has been a strong influence on colour, particularly in recent years, and this continues to broaden into a wider colour range. Fresh colours, rustic textures and the beauty of handcrafted pieces, filled with personality in their imperfections. Colours from nature come blessed with a feeling of authenticity.

Greens are inspired by nature with sunny tones, yellow greens, such as Resene Koru and Resene Nirvana, refreshing greens, such as Resene Zeal, and crossover hues moving from green to blue, such as Resene Free Spirit. Nature comes inside into feature spaces and accessories.

Nostalgia comes through in feel good colours like landscape greens, yellows and ochres, such as Resene Fleetwood. Yellows have a retro undertone with an underlying hint of green.

Reds, such as Resene Code Red and Resene Rock N Roll, are in abundance – deep, strong and eyecatching – a definite feature of the new palette. Cheerful and plush, deep, pigmented and vital. Pink diverges into many hues from soft to luscious, such as Resene Smitten and Resene Devoted, to suit a wider range of projects. The influence of Latin America brings in highly saturated reds and oranges, clean and bright. Rustic hues round out the red and orange palette, with spicy oranges, such as Resene Ayers Rock, and red rust hues moving through into browns.

Blues are also growing in number, with intense blues, such as Resene Magnum and Resene Nite Life, a viable neutral alternative to grey or black. Watery blues, such as Resene Escape, are refreshing and optimistic blues invigorating. Darker blues are warmed. Blue meets pop with clean warm cyan blue and bold blues, such as Resene Bowie and Resene Elvis, for interest. Combine the simplicity of blue and silver, such as Resene Silver Streak, for a luxurious modern look.

Purples are varied – from bold violet to the softened purples of dried flowers, such as Resene Believe and Resene Poet. Purples have an underlying warmth in common.

Neutrals, browns and beiges tend towards warmer comforting variants, such as Resene Secret Road and Resene Fantail, imparting a softer look. There is a slow move from the gray family to browns, warm neutrals and mineral inspired hues, including subtle flesh tones, such as Resene Half Rickshaw. Washed, weathered and faded hues have timeless appeal. Wood tones are reflected in beiges and browns offset by evolving soft golden metallics, such as Resene Triumph and Resene Ignition.

Off-whites are pure and uncomplicated, and there is a definite comeback of cool white, such as Resene Barely There, as a background neutral. Plain white, such as Resene Half Alabaster, is clean and elegant, a stark contrast to the growing range of blacks, such as Resene Black Sheep and Resene Blackout.

You’ll find all this and more in the new The Range 2011/12. See the Paint colour trends for 2011/12 brochure for more detail on the latest colour trends or visit the Resene website. The Range 2011/12 is available from Resene ColorShops.

The Range fandecks are made using sustainable paper stocks and finished in Environmental Choice approved Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and Resene Enamacryl Metallic so what you see on the chart is the same paint as you can buy for your walls.
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