Resene Earthsense Ceiling Paint

  • 9 June 2010
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Makes sense

Those planning an interior repaint can now do so with two innovations wrapped up in one product.

New Environmental Choice approved Resene Earthsense Ceiling Paint is formulated with a special renewable extender pigment, providing at least 20% by volume of renewable raw materials in the final paint film, and 65% in the wet paint with the inclusion of water.

See Data Sheet D316 for more technical information.

The pail on the outside is also a giant step forward for sustainability. The pails that Resene Earthsense is packed into are made from 100% post industrial HDPE injection material. This recycled material gives the pail a unique look and colour variation, as much of the material being reused has been previously printed and coloured.

This is the first commercial paint pail in New Zealand that truly ‘closes the loop’ as it utilises the original material of the pail, as well as waste material from other plastics manufacture, back into another paint pail. The waste plastic is reprocessed offsite before being returned to VIP Packaging to be made into new pails. Over the coming months, the technology will be enhanced and developed so that this process will encompass post consumer HDPE injection material. It is envisaged that pails manufactured from this material should be available to the market within the next 1-2 years.

It won’t just be Resene Earthsense buyers that enjoy the new recycled pails. They will be rolled out to the extensive range of Resene Environmental Choice approved paints. And as recycled volumes allow, it is anticipated that all Resene pails will be moved into the recycled pails.

Available from Resene ColorShops.

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