SBN’s Rachel Brown to Lead NZ’s “24 Hours of Reality”

  • 9 September 2011
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The Sustainable Business Network’s (SBN) Chief Executive, Rachel Brown, is set to reprise her role as presenter for Al Gore’s new climate change campaign, “24 Hours of Reality”

This worldwide event is designed to broadcast the reality of the climate crisis. Building on the massive awareness generated by the former Vice-President’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, this event will be broadcast live online from September 14 to 15, over 24 hours, in 24 time zones and in 13 languages on

Ms Brown will deliver a multimedia presentation created by Al Gore to an audience of 80 at precisely 7pm on Thursday 15 September 2011. Broadcasting to the world via live web-streaming, the theme of the presentation for New Zealand is focused on agriculture, employment, and a shift to a green economy. Ms Brown is delighted to welcome other prominent NZ climate, agricultural and employment specialists to the stage with her.

“We just haven’t been talking the issue of Climate Change seriously here in NZ and as a result we’re missing out on the opportunities our country has around attracting people here and exporting smart clean green solutions to the world. The timing for this couldn’t be better with our elections coming up and the international eye on NZ. Being chosen as one of the 24 broadcasting locations is an acknowledgement of the potential NZ has to become a hub for innovative climate solutions. When I think of the clean technology, green solutions, and innovative sustainable products and services that exist within the SBN membership, I know we have an opportunity to make a real difference,” says Brown.

The purpose of the campaign is to offer a round-the-clock, round-the-globe snapshot of the climate crisis in real time. From Tonga to Cape Verde, Mexico City to Alaska, Jakarta to London, people living with the impacts of climate change every day will tell their story. Brown’s presentation will help to build a bigger picture whereby people living with the reality of climate change will connect the dots between recent extreme weather events — including floods, droughts and storms — and the man-made pollution that is changing our climate.

Nationally, Sustainable Business Network (SBN) represents more than 550 organisations, from small to medium enterprises and not-for-profits, through to large businesses and corporations. SBN promotes sustainable business practice through networking, practical advice, and resource and tool development. It provides opportunities for businesses to do, learn, share and create in order to advance and embed sustainability.

SBN runs the Get Sustainable Challenge, the GreenFleet programme (including tree-planting offsets via Carbon4Good), and hosts the annual SBN Awards. SBN has also developed the online assessment tool Get Sust Online and offers expert advice through Adviceline.

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