So how do I Save Energy Part 3?

  • 23 April 2008
  • Home Energy Centre
Choose, if possible, materials that are eco-friendly - they are generally no more expensive than non-sustainable products.
  • Maximise the use of windows and skylights to bring natural daylight into your home
  • Double glazing - worth considering, to insulate your house and let in heat
  • Solar water heating - can heat between 50 & 75% of your hot water every year
  • Solar energy panels - grants are available for some solar installations - visit EECA's Solar Smarter website for help and advice
  • Ensure good ventilation to avoid high moisture levels that can cause health problems
  • Insulation - will pay for itself many times over, by dramatically reducing your heating costs in winter and improving your comfort level in the heat of summer
  • Hot water cylinder and pipes - heat is escaping from them, if hot to the touch - wraps are available, to reduce this loss of expensive heat
For more information on building energy efficiency, visit the Eco Design Advisor website

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