Soccer Memorabilia Trip

  • 11 November 2011
  • Home Energy Centre
Paul Brockie and the team at Home Energy Centre hosted an enthusiastic group of pre-schoolers who came to view Paul's son, Jeremy Brockie's soccer memorabilia.

Here is their story:

This winter Ciaran and Rhys G played soccer, often talking about their Saturday games and bringing their playing kits to share at mat time. With their interest in soccer and the children's interest in the Rugby World Cup, we made a trip to visit Paul Brockie at Home Energy Centre. We went to see Jeremy Brockie's soccer memorabilia. We balanced a flash soccer ball on our backs in a press up position (just like Jeremy did in the articles we looked at). We tried on Jeremy's medals, Name ID cards and best of all the children got to choose their own playing top to try on! These tops Jeremy had played in and swapped with the opposition from all around the world. We looked at signed 'All Whites' tops, framed photos and many different flags on the walls from around the world. Scott recognised the big South African World Cup flag. Rhys and Ciaran tried on Jeremy's special red boots that scored a goal against China at the Olympics. Paul told us that Jeremy started playing soccer at 4 and always had a dream to play at a young age for New Zealand.

Jeremy has a dream and goal to come back to Nelson one day and start his own junior soccer academy. Maybe Jeremy might even coach some of our Campus Corner children. We will have to keep practising!

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