Warm-home model coming to the Home Energy Centre

  • 29 May 2010
  • Home Energy Centre
Environment Canterbury’s warm-home model is an interactive display targeted at educating people including schools about home energy efficiency and clean heating. It attracts a lot of attention when on display because of its size and the amount of detail in it.

From 23 August to 4 September, after appearing at Ecofest, the warm-home model will be on display at the Home Energy Centre. The model will attract a lot of interest from schools and various groups and will highlight the other energy saving products on display at the Centre.

How the model works

The model has 2 sides, one uninsulated and heated by an open fire; the other fully insulated and heated by a flued gas fire. When buttons on the display are pushed, coloured arrows light up; comparing heat loss and retention of heat in both sides for underfloor insulation, ceiling insulation, double glazing etc. On the panel text that gives background information lights up as well.

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