What is GreenFleet?

  • 19 January 2012
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GreenFleet provides tools, services, event information and resources that can assist your business.

GreenFleet can help businesses:
  • reduce emissions,
  • improve transport efficiency
  • reduce transport costs
  • offset emissions through tree planting

What services and benefits does GreenFleet provide?

Tree Planting for carbon offset

  • An easy, cost-effective and proven way for businesses to offsetting emissions.
  • A good news story for external or internal communications.
  • A great way to build staff teamwork and morale.
  • A cost and time effective way to develop relationships with your community.

GreenFleet Advice Line
  • Ready access to a reliable source of advice and information on sustainable transport action that will help reduce costs and emissions. If we can't help you, we will know someone who can.

Sustainable Driver Workshop
  • Provides fleet drivers with techniques that help them lower fuel and operating costs as well as the environmental effects of operating a vehicle

One to one help with Travel Plans
  • Reducing travel costs for staff and parking pressure for the business.

Visit the website for more information http://www.greenfleet.org.nz/

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