Welcome to Home Energy Centre

We're on a mission to create healthier and more sustainable homes for New Zealand

We're experts in energy efficiency and home performance with over 20 years experience in making New Zealand homes warmer, drier and more efficient. We're turning that knowledge into New Zealand's next big opportunity - an AI-driven home performance report that will allow us to have an honest look at our housing stock and get to work improving it. 

We want to give everyone the opportunity to live in a warm, dry and cosy home. Combining our industry knowledge, cutting edge technology and our trusted partners - we can deliver an accurate and informative report on your home to tell you where you can achieve the most gain with your home performance and energy efficiency. 

58% of New Zealanders experience one or more symptoms of an unhealthy home and a third of our houses are too cold in winter. We know New Zealand has a serious housing problem and we're committed to playing our part in turning that around.